August 30, 2013, Fri, 19:15

Friends-travelers, it's time to reveal maps (geographic:) and some details of the way.
First of all, the start of the expedition - in...

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August 30, 2013, Fri, 19:15

Friends-travelers, it’s time to reveal maps (geographic:) and some details of the way.
First of all, the start of the expedition — in summer 2014.

Route — this is one of the interactive elements of travel — we will make it with you. The starting point and the finish we have identified in Volgograd. And since we circumnavigation, now we have in very large brush strokes will be approximately the path of motion, like a circle:) Each number — one day’s journey. Maybe later we will decide together that will we have to go in a different sequence. In brackets (!) are the most incendiary days of our route, why this is so, one can see by looking at the map:

1. Svetloyarsky District. (!)
2. Oktyabrsky District.
3. Kotelnikovsky District.
4. Kalachyovsky District. (!)
5. Surovikinsky District.
6. Chernyshkovsky District.
7. Kletsky District.
8. Serafimovichsky District.
9. Kumylzhensky District.
10. Alexeyevsky District.
11. Nekhayevsky District.
12. Uryupinsky District + Uryupinsk Urban District. (!)
13. Novonikolayevsky District.
14. Novoanninsky District.
15. Kikvidzensky District.
16. Yelansky District.
17. Rudnyansky District.
18. Zhirnovsky District.
19. Kotovsky District.
20. Danilovsky District.
21. Mikhaylovsky District + Mikhaylovka Urban District. (!)
22. Frolovsky District + Frolovo Urban District. (!)
23. Olkhovsky District.
24. Ilovlinsky District. (!)
25. Gorodishchensky District. (!)
26. Dubovsky District.
27. Kamyshinsky District + Kamyshin Urban District. (!)
28. Nikolayevsky District. (!)
29. Staropoltavsky District.
30. Pallasovsky District. (!)
31. Bykovsky District.
32. Leninsky District. (!)
33. Sredneakhtubinsky District. (!)
34. Volzhsky Urban District. (!)

(!) exclamations still very subjective, but the cards are not lying:) Visit in one day a district and a large city, perhaps, is not easy … and how easy is it to find a crossing of our water-river spaces, and finally, take a look at the 30th day, it is about spaces!

Already in the following message interesting information for partners and sponsors…

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